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12 2011

Google’s Mobile Push For Dominance

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Google and mobile

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Google is definitely banking on a bright mobile future.

It is aiming at mobile dominance and appears to be making progress in that direction:

1.    For the first quarter of 2011, Android handsets made up for almost half of all smart phones sold (Canalys).   The Android rise was driven by phones ushering from HTC, Motorola and Samsung.
2.    The same growth is reflected in mobile search. According to Google, mobile searches are growing at the same rate today as desktop-based search did in the ‘early days’ of the net.
By controlling Android, Google is seeking to ensure that their mobile search is the default option on phones.  Since search is directly linked to the advertising revenues for the company, owning the Android platform is paramount.

But Google will not go unchallenged.  Microsoft wants to challenge Google’s mobile search dominance with Bing.  For example, Microsoft has put together a deal with Research in Motion to make Bing the default search engine on Blackberry.
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