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17 2011

How People Use Their Mobiles

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mobile phone usage

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Some new research from PointRoll tells us something that we probably already knew intuitively; people who oown both a smartphone and a tablet use them for different reasons.
According to the PointRoll study, mobile users  are increasingly using smartphones for specific actions like click to call or GPS.  According to comScore, mobile map usage has increased 39% (48 million users, 2010 to 2011) while fixed map usage (accessing a map from a PC) dropped by 2%.  (It must be added that fixed map use is still way ahead with 93 million users).
Tablet users tend to do more long-term activities like watching video, playing games or reading the news. Interestingly, video is showing a sharp increase for mobile consumers. By 2015, researchers predict mobile users will spend at least 693 billion minutes consuming video content via their mobiles. (In-Stat).  Most of this video consumption is still in-home rather than away from home.

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