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20 2011

How The Real Estate Industry Is Going Mobile

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Mobile is taking the real estate industry by storm.
Let’s take Los Angeles as an example.  Partnering up with Mobile Real Estate ID, the MLS/CLAW recently introduced new technology called Property 2.0 which allows agents to get property information directly into the hands of perspective buyers.
To begin with each listing entered into MLS has a text code assigned to it.  This text code can be used in all advertising, but is particularly well-suited for the For Sale sign.  So, when a buyer is in front of the house they text the code to the phone number 85377 and get instant information about the property including photos and the agent’s contact number. They can even request a phone call from the agent.
The second piece is that each property will have a QR Code. A QR Code or Quick Response Code is a two dimensional bar code that can be scanned on your mobile phone to get you to more content. Obviously in the case of real estate this means giving the prospective buyer more information on the property. The buyer can scan the QR Code on the yard sign or from a magazine ad.
Finally, each property listed in MLS now has a Mobile Website.  So now if you text for info or scan a QR code, you simply pull up a website that is mobile-friendly and you can view everything easily from your mobile device.
Some agents have even included a search for all properties for sale in the market and this allows you to GPS in order to search the listings near you

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