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04 2011

How You Can Profit From The Mobile Gold Rush

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Mobile Gold Rush

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Here are seven ways you can get involved in the Mobile Gold Rush:
1.    SMS marketing.  What is so great about text marketing is that every handset has a text messaging capability.  No matter what your business, who your customers are or the size of your budget, you can get involved in the power of the text message.
a.    Build a contact list by offering an exclusive discount in exchange for their phone number
b.    Find a service provider that can send SMS messages to your list (you can find .05-.10/text deals easily)
c.    Send messages ONLY when you have something important to say.  Always conduct the personal litmus test and ask yourself if YOU would want to receive this message
d.    Include a call to action, get people involved in a competition, or ask them to visit your website.
e.    Make sure to include your name and contact in each text message.
2.    QR codes.  QR (Quick Response) Codes are two-dimensional codes that are very similar to the 1D codes you have been seeing in your supermarket for years. When the user scans a QR code they are taken to the ‘other side’ which could be a video, a website or a text message.  So for example a real estate agent can print QR codes on their For Sale signs or a local ad and the person who scans the code will be taken to a video which is an in-depth tour of the property.
3.    Short Codes and Competitions.  Have your consumer enter a short code which will take them to a competition to win.  You can also combine this with your overall SMS plan which you give them an opportunity to ‘opt-in’ to your list so they can take advantage of future mobile-special offers.
4.    Location-Based Deals.  Foursquare and Facebook Places are the top two location-based services. The principle behind both is that people can ‘check-in’ to locations (based on their GPS locations) and leave tips.  A user can accumulate visits and if he visits the place the most he can earn badges, get special deals or even become “Mayor” of a particular location.  As the establishment, you can give a 20% discount for your Mayor which will increase competition.  Or you could offer a special deal to every 20th person that checks-in or to someone who has checked-in 5 times in a month, etc.
5.    Proximity Marketing.  Proximity Marketing (which is essentially Bluetooth marketing) is when you blast messages within an area of 200 meters.  Of course, in order to receive your message, the mobile device will have to have its Bluetooth capabilities turned on. You can send a text message, a coupon, a picture or even a video.
6.    Mobile Websites.  A mobile website is an absolute must. Over 50% of all social media is now occurring on mobile and in less than 2 years, people will spend more time browsing the internet on a mobile handset than a personal computer
7.    Mobile App.  A mobile app provides a rich user experience and can encourage brand loyalty. It is not the easiest way, however, to get into mobile and the development costs can be expensive.

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