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01 2011

Mobile Is Google’s Second Child

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According to Google, mobile searches are growing as quickly as Web searches in the company’s early days.  Google adds that mobile searches have gone up six fold in the last two years.

According to StatCounter, Google currently enjoys a market share of 97% for all mobile searches.

According to Amit Singhal, a Google fellow “I feel like a parent the second time around feels. You saw your first child grow at an amazing pace, and here we are with our second child, mobile, growing at the same pace and showing the same signs”

Mobile is a huge priority for Google. They believe mobile is the future and they want to be sure they are the dominant player.

Amongst some of the things Google has done in the mobile arena:

  • Generated over $1 billion in mobile ad revenues
  • Created a system where mobile users can call a business from within a Google ad or receive coupons from nearby stores
  • Built Google Goggles where people can snap photos of landmarks or wine labels
  • Created Google Voice that translates voice messages into text
  • Added voice search so that you can search on your phone just by talking

According to Google, mobile search has different characteristics than computer searches.  First, mobile searches are highest at lunch and in the evenings (when people aren’t at their computers).  And while many mobile users ask for simple ‘on the go’ facts about weather and train times, people also use it for more complicated questions about business and politics.

Google is convinced that mobile search is definitely going to overtake desktop search… and much sooner than anyone now is predicting.

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