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31 2011

Tapping Into Mobile Search And Advertising

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Mobile Search

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According to The Search Agency, mobile CPCs (costs per click) are 30% less than those on desktop.  However, the mobile click-through rate (CTR) is almost 5 TIMES higher than that of desktop.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you put together a strategy for your mobile search/advertising strategy.

1.      Make sure that you create a separate mobile SEO strategy.  Mobile and online require two totally different approaches.

2.      If you want to use pay-per-click advertising, the AdWords interface will show you what portion of your clicks and conversions are coming from mobile versus desktop.  If more than 10% are coming from mobile, you may want to create a separate mobile-specific advertising campaign

3.      Google will let you target for specific mobile devices, carriers and operating systems. This is important because the mobile search experience varies depending on what phone the user is searching on.

4.      Remember that when people search on their mobile phones they tend to write much shorter words and have a local focus.  Google has a mobile keyword selection tool which can help you choose your search keywords.

5.      Make sure to keep your copy short.  Always include click-to-call phone numbers as well as click-to- maps which will enhance your conversion rates.

6.      Make absolutely sure that if you have a landing page that you want your user to go to that it is mobile-friendly!

You’re probably tired of hearing that it’s the “Year of Mobile,” but these numbers and results indicate it may actually be the time to starting thinking differently about this medium.

Make the effort to reach your mobile audience. Put yourself in their shoes. The rewards will be great if you do.

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