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24 2011

The Mobile Phone Is Our Second Shadow

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Mobile is being fueled by three separate trends: widespread smart phone adoption, extensive network connectivity and plunging mobile data costs.  Because of this mobile is becoming more and more an integral part of people’s lifestyle and is ripe with potential.

Mobile gives marketers the chance to reach out to consumers 24/7.  When combined with mobile technologies like GPS, mobile allows marketers to provide a much more personal and relevant brand experience.

Mobile phones have been described as our ‘second shadow’. They are personal and something we have by our sides constantly.  Simply put, we can’t live without them.  So what better place to engage our audiences?

Of course, the ‘personal’ aspect of mobile is fraught too with danger.  Consumers are very sensitive about what they receive on their mobile phones and concerned about their privacy.  This means that the content you provide through your mobile marketing absolutely must be relevant, quick and bite-sized.

Finally, mobile should never be used in an isolated fashion and always integrated with the other pieces of your marketing program. This is when mobile can really shine.

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