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11 2011

What UK Marketers Think About Mobile

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Here are the results of the Mobile Marketing Attitudes Research Survey.  The research was conducted in April 2011 among readers of Marketing Week magazine.  24% of the respondents work for organizations between 101-500 people. 23% work for companies with less than 50 employees and spanned all the industries.

  • 90% of UK marketers spend less than one-fifth of their marketing budget on mobile marketing versus a rapid expansion of smartphones.
  • 66% of UK marketers expect that their mobile marketing budget will increase significantly in the coming months/years
  • Consumers are using phones to download video clips, listen to music, network, play games and search the internet.
  • 25% of respondents don’t consider mobile marketing to be as important as other channels and say they do not use any forms of mobile marketing
  • SMS is the most widely used form of mobile marketing with 41% of survey respondents using it. It’s simple and the open-rate is very high so it’s almost guaranteed that the consumer will see your content
  • 38% of UK marketers use mobile apps as part of their marketing despite the fact that there are notorious challenges marketing apps; millions of apps are downloaded, used once and never used again.
  • 30% of survey respondents said they are looking to put mobile sites in their marketing strategy.  For many, the customer you can target on mobile are cash-rich and time poor so it is a really big opportunity.  A big challenge is just to ensure your website can be clearly seen on a mobile device.
  • 12% of respondents engage in mobile advertising.
  • 12% of marketers surveyed invested in location-based services in 2011
  • 10% of marketers are using mobile coupons
  • 35% of marketers share data from mobile campaigns with colleagues responsible for other marketing channels. 20% are not sharing this data.
  • Only 38% of respondents are happy with the ROI of mobile marketing.
  • They also express a desire to have better metrics
  • 27% of marketers are doing mobile marketing in-house, 24% use specialist agencies and 18% are using integrated agencies.
  • 63% expect to increase spending on mobile apps, compared to 52% who expect to increase spending on mobile sites
  • 37% don’t measure the effect of their mobile marketing on other marketing channels

The conclusions?

  • Mobile is coming of age
  • Smartphone’s are a driving force
  • Keeping mobile strategy in-house may proof difficult
  • Mobile advertising while small now will grow

Once people have their mobile sites, advertising will follow closely after—just like the early days of the internet.  But they will still want to see that there is a good ROI.

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