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02 2011

How You Can Pay for Web Purchases on Your Monthly Mobile Bill

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Bill To MobileBilltoMobile is a startup that makes it possible to pay for web purchases via your monthly mobile bill.  BilltoMobile recently expanded its service to more than 200 carriers in 60 countries which means that billions of users will be able to access their services.
The idea behind BilltoMobile is that it lets users charge online payments to their mobile phone bill.  You just indicate that you want to pay with your mobile phone number, enter your phone number and then you receive a secure text message on your phone.  After that, you enter the code on the web order.  Your purchase will appear on your next mobile phone.  The great thing about this method is you can complete your transaction in seconds and you don’t have to enter a long 16 digit credit card.
The BilltoMobile has the potential to reach over 240 million mobile subscribers.
With its partners, BilltoMobile can now reach the vast majority of US mobile subscribers.  As for merchants, it works with various game companies that sell either games or virtual goods online including Nexon, NHN, Perfect World and Gamania.
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