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12 2011

The End Of Your Wallet As You Know It

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Your mobile phone is destined to become the center of your spending habits amongst other things.

The Google Wallet announced this spring is the beginning of the end for your wallet as you once knew it.

Basically the Google Wallet is a technology which makes it super simple to pay for goods using your smartphone.  In addition to the Google Wallet, Google also announced Google Offers for mobile coupons.

Google Wallet will initially only give access via a Citi Mastercard.  It will also include a prepaid Google card that can be funded by any of your credit cards.

Security is always an issue with paying by phone so Google assures everyone that it will address people’s security concerns with multiple layers of security.

One of the exciting aspects of Google Wallet and other products like it is that it is a wonderful way to build bridges between the online and offline worlds.

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