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17 2011

Is Mobile The New Frontier For Research?

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Mobile Research

The research industry is trying to figure out the best way to integrate mobile into the mix.
Traditional research has been conducted using an ‘appointment-based’ paradigm.   In other words, participants have been expected to take time out of their days to participate in studies.  Today this is getting increasingly difficult as people are juggling such busy schedules.
Mobile of course offers a solution.  Smartphones allow us to connect to consumers ‘on the go’ and also create behavioral data which literally ‘captures the moment’.  Equally tablet devices are becoming excellent tools to allow researchers to conduct on-site interviews.  Combining a user-friendly device like the iPad with a highly focused survey experience can create a high-quality result as well as a process that is more interesting for respondents.
Mobile, at least for the moment, is inherently experimental.  So you can also use a pre-defined framework but then let your mobile research strategy take shape as you go.
As companies discover ways to measure and collect feedback through mobile, new opportunities will inevitably follow. Mobile research WILL take off. The only question is will you be on board?
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