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30 2011

Mad About Mobile Shopping- A Perspective from the UK

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Mobile Shopping

Mad About Mobile Shopping- A Perspective from the UK

The mobile shopping craze is not unique to America. Apparently, our British cousins are just as excited about the prospect of shopping through their mobile phones. Mobile shoppinghas arrived in a very big way to Britain and it doesn’t look like it is going away anytime soon.

Here are some very interesting UK statistics:

“Close to half (45 per cent) of those who responded to a survey by KPMG said they use their mobile devices to locate the nearest store, while almost a third (32 per cent) use their phones to research products and services, and just under a third (30 per cent) load online coupons on their handhelds.

Around a fifth (19 per cent) even use their mobiles to scan barcodes to glean product information, the survey found.
Mobile driving a ‘converged lifestyle’

“From buying goods on their mobile phones to keeping up with friends on social networks, consumers are increasingly reliant on a range of technologies that perform important – yet often overlapping – tasks,” said Tudor Aw, KPMG’s European head of technology, in a statement.

“This new ‘converged lifestyle’ will have huge implication for retailers. The integration of various channels will become increasingly important as retailers begin to see many of their consumers move to online and application-based purchases. As the ubiquitous smartphones empowers the consumer retailers will need to understand the opportunities and risks that mobile devices present.”

When it comes to online shopping, a majority of UK and global consumers consult feedback and ratings pages on the internet or get information on potential purchases on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, according to the research. Monitoring and managing third-party data sources will be a “key element of any digital sales strategy”, the KPMG report said.

Across most categories of goods, the majority of survey respondents cited online shopping as preferable to bricks-and-mortar, according to the report. This preference was even more marked in the UK: almost three-quarters (74 per cent) of UK respondents said they are more likely to buy flights and holidays online, and more than three-quarters (77 per cent) prefer buying CDs, DVDs, books and video games online.
Privacy vs freebies

The KPMG research also flagged up how many Brits are willing to allow their online usage data and personal profile information to be tracked by advertisers if it results in lower cost or free items: almost half (49 per cent) of UK respondents said they are ready to trade privacy for discounts or freebies.

Globally, the research found that a majority of consumers (62 per cent) are willing to be tracked by advertisers. KPMG said this provides a “significant revenue opportunity” for businesses if they can manage and monetise their customers’ dataset.”

It is clear than any doubts consumers might have around the world with regards to privacy and security is not a strong enough deterrent to stop the astonishing growth of mobile shopping.

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The question is this: are you selling through mobile devices?  Is your ecommerce site mobile-friendly?  If not, it definitely should be or you are missing out on significant spending from your ‘mobile-mad’ consumer!

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