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02 2012

Mobile Shopping Is One Simple Tap Away

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mobile shopping
Mobile Shopping Is One Simple Tap Away

One of the issues of mobile shopping is that it can often be a bit clumsy (not to mention impossible!) to tap in the digits of your credit card.  A simple tap would be much preferable!

This has been solved by TapBuy which is a new technology that lets the consumer fill in his information with a few simple taps:

Here is more about TapBuy and how it will contribute to mobile shopping and mobile commerce.

“Available now to retailers, developers, and shopping aggregators, TapBuy facilitates quick and easy sales conversion by storing shopper’s billing and shipping information. TapBuy technology can be integrated into retailer’s mobile apps, which then allows shoppers to make purchases from a series of supported apps and merchants with just a few taps.

Mobile commerce conversions are often prevented due to the inconvenience for shoppers to input all of their information. Typing out usernames, passwords, billing and skipping addresses and credit card information on small mobile devices is meticulous and time consuming. This is a major factor in poor m-commerce conversion rates in comparison to desktop ecommerce. In trials TapBuy’s quick-checkout technology has increased sales conversions for retailers up to 15 times. Conversion rates are increased due to the convenient platform TapBuy provides. Shoppers only have to enter their personal information one time and it is then saved by TapBuy. Once information is stored, mobile shoppers can checkout from any TapBuy-enabled app/merchant by typing their PIN.

TapBuy is a great tool to ensure mobile commerce thrives in 2012. M-commerce is swiftly gaining popularity, which is seen by the 516% increase in global mobile payments this Black Friday in comparison to Black Friday 2010. In addition, more shoppers than ever are browsing ecommerce solutions on mobile devices.

TapBuy also works behind the scenes to group consumers’ items in order to save shipping costs. This technology also helps consumers save money by tracking coupon codes and automatically adding them to customer orders.”

For the full complete article on mobile shopping.

Mobile shopping just got a whole lot easier!  Your consumer (and a sale!) are just a few taps away.  Are you ready for all the mobile shoppers who want to buy from you?

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