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20 2011

The Frustrations of the Mobile Shoppers

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Mobile Shoppers

The Frustrations of the Mobile Shoppers

Mobile shoppers are frustrated with Mobile Shopping. The proof is everyone. From personal anecdotes to surveys, it is clear that mobile shoppers are ready to ..well.. shop.. but the retailers are simply not prepared to be mobile-friendly.

Here in an article by Kara Kamenec of the Daily  Deal Media are all the details:

“Tealeaf, provider of online and mobile customer experience management solutions and customer behavior analysis, released their Mobile Shopping Experience Report this week showing consumer experience to be the key factor in closing deals. The report revealed tweets about shopping with the top 35 mobile retailers jumped 217% over average on Black Friday while 41% of all online conversations implied shopper frustration with mobile shopping over the holidays thus far. Crimson Hexagon was used to conduct sentiment analysis of online conversations about mobile commerce concerning the top 25 mobile US retailers and top 10 European.

The Results

Although consumers are shopping more via mobile, the retailers are not living up to consumer expectations and have plenty of room for improvement. The consequences of providing a less than favorable online experience for customers include less revenue, poor reviews and a risk of loosing repeat customers for good.

“The stakes have never been higher for retailers to deliver a great experience on mobile platforms. However, this report shows that even the most successful mobile retailers are leaving money on the table by not addressing the things that can cause mobile shoppers to struggle and abandon. The data indicates a steep learning curve for retailers as they continue to optimize their mobile channels for a new set of customer experience challenges.” – said Geoff Galat, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Tealeaf.

Harris Interactive Study Comparison

A recent Harris Interactive Study found supporting results. The study showed 85% of consumers who have conducted a mobile transaction in the last year expect the experience on their mobile device to be better than on a computer, and 63% of users would be less likely to buy again from a company online given another option if they had a problem with the first.

The Numbers:

More than half (58%) of the negative conversations about mobile shopping with the leading mobile retailers focused specifically on customer struggle issues, including payment problems and search-and-sort problems; one-fifth (21%) called out features that would have made the experience easier for them but weren’t available.

Mobile channels are changing where and when consumers do their holiday shopping, with many getting a jump on Black Friday by shopping Thanksgiving Day or power shopping in-store and via their mobile devices at the same time.

While more than one-third (36%) of the positive conversations praised mobile features and functionality, less than one-fifth (17%) stated mobile apps/sites were easy to use.”

To see the full article on mobile shopping

The mobile shopping consumer-led revolution is upon us.  Take a look at the infographic below which fulling describes mobile shipping behaviors by age group.  And then ask yourself  “Is this really a revolution you want to miss out on?

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