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09 2011

No ‘Mobile’ in Mobile Video

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mobile videoMobile video consumption isn’t actually mobile.

According to a recent Nielsen survey, 75% of mobile video consumption is actually taking place in the home.  When probed, the survey respondents said that even though they are consuming video on their phones at home, they still watch the same amount of TV.

They are therefore consuming both at the same time and most probably turning on their devices during TV ad breaks which is bad news for big advertisers.

There are solutions to this problem of consumers tuning out as they add an ‘extra screen’ into their lives.

For example, Sync-to-TV are mobile apps which use the mobile device microphone to present content that is synchronized with what is happening on TV.  The hope is that the user will love this dual-screen experience and maybe not tune out at the ad breaks.

Another statistic from Nielsen is that more than half of the people surveyed said they watched mobile video in the car (31% for tablets).

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