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22 2011

The Future of the Mobile Wallet

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 Mobile Wallet

The Future of the Mobile Wallet

The mobile wallet is undoubtedly one of the most interesting aspects of the entire mobile revolution.  If, or should I say web, mobile wallet takes off, our words will never ever be the same.

So what is holding the consumer back from using only amobile wallet?

The following excerpt will shed light on the future of themobile wallet:

“No one can argue with Google, ISIS, Visa and MasterCard – mobile wallets are coming fast and in various flavors. Issuing banks, credit card providers, wireless carriers, handset makers, Near Field Communications (NFC) chipset and terminal providers, trusted service managers and retailers have all announced this year their commitment to “the mobile wallet.”

According to recent surveys, consumers like the convenience of using their phone for a variety of purposes including transportation tickets, payment for goods, loyalty point management and couponing. This convenience is enhanced tremendously by NFC capability being introduced on devices, so it is no surprise that NFC-based mobile wallet users are expected to grow to 594 million by 2016.

Motivation, Security and Transactions

However, despite numerous potential uses, there seems to be no killer service or incentive to excite consumers to throw away their physical wallet. Replacing physical wallets will not be enough, so where’s the real motivation for consumers? Security concerns have also been well documented. Moving customer information and wallets onto smart devices definitely requires that everything is managed securely. The most common way to do this is to keep all sensitive information “server-side” up in the cloud behind multiple layers of protection. It ensures security but comes with drawbacks:

  • Transactions take longer to complete consumers have to wait while transactions go back and forth from their device to the cloud.
  • It relies on always having a fast, reliable  network connection available when you want to make a purchase : this is not always the case at remote country stores or in an underground car parks

The last point of contention is the apparent lack of benefit for merchants. In many cases they must invest in new payment terminals, without seeing any reduction in existing elevated transaction fees.

In order to gain confidence and accelerate take-up of mobile wallets, the following concerns must be dealt with:

  • What will really entice consumers to take up mobile wallets?
  • How can security fears be overcome without hindering consumer interactivity?
  • What benefits can be brought to merchants to help make their investment worthwhile?”

For the full original article on the mobile wallet

It is unclear how and when these issues about mobile wallet and security will be resolved.  But 2011 was definitely a turning point as the concept of mobile wallet has begun to be embraced by consumers.  Who knows what next year will hold for the mobile wallet?

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