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19 2011

How To Build A Mobile Site That Works

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A lot of consumers complain about their mobile browsing experience and describe them as being frustrating.
Why is this?
It is because so many companies have really not really thought through their mobile site: what it should look like, what information needs to be on it and how it can be optimized for the behavior of a consumer ‘on the go’.
The mobile web is a unique medium and has its own set of rules and guidelines.  So when you start planning your mobile site, you need to consider two main issues.
building a mobile websiteFirst, you want to ensure that your content can be easily read and navigated. If you just simply ‘transplant’ the current content on your regular site and ‘squish it’ into a mobile site, you will simply not succeed. Your navigation will be too difficult to follow and the information/text will be too crowded.  Restructure your information and choose the important ‘kernels’ of information.  Be targeted and precise. Serve up snacks rather than the whole meal.
Second, you need to consider how consumers use mobile and how their behavior differs when they are in ‘mobile mindset’.  Here are some aspects of that ‘mobile behavior’ you might want to keep in mind
•    90% of email is now read on mobile. If you use email-based marketing, it is absolutely imperative that your readers click through to a mobile-friendly site, not a desktop site.
•    Even if your website is nothing more than an online brochure, you should still seriously think about creating a landing ‘splash page’ complete with a click to call button and map.
•    Integrate with social. Social and mobile are almost synonymous.
•    Take advantage of local-based capabilities of GPS-enabled phones.
•    Remember that mobile web users are more willing to fill out forms or answer questions; use this!
•    Unlike the desktop internet, the mobile web is a single task medium.  This means that people who are on the mobile web are focusing on one thing—their mobile phone.  They are a captive audience and will naturally be more receptive to your messages as long as they are short, succinct and to the point.  When you communicate to a prospect via the desktop web, they tend to be much more distracted as they multi-task with several browser windows, emails, watching TV or listening to music. It is a harder task to grab attention and you need to be ‘louder’ to be heard.

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