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07 2012

Why You Need a Mobile Website

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Mobile Website

Why You Need a Mobile Website

You may decide that mobile marketing is ‘not for you’ but there is one non-negotiable item you absolutely must add to your marketing portfolio—a MOBILE WEBSITE.

Here are some reasons and statistics that explain why:

“* We use our phones everywhere. In fact, 33 percent of smart phone users use their smart phone while watching TV and 22 percent use them while reading the newspaper (are you using your smart phone right now?)

* People love their smart phones. A survey found that one in three smart phone users would give up chocolate just to keep using their phones. Chocolate. If that doesn’t prove people love their smart phones, nothing will.

* People use their smart phones to find local businesses just like yours. Ninety five percent of smart phone users will use their phone to search for local information and 88 percent will take action within a day, whether it’s to call or visit a business (it could be your business — or it could be your competitor’s business, depending on who has a mobile-friendly website).

* Did you know that 71 percent of smart phone users who see an ad on TV, in the newspaper or online will do a mobile search? Or that 74 percent of smart phone users make a purchase based on a mobile search?

Yet, 79 percent of top advertisers don’t have a mobile- optimized website.

* One of the most popular activities for smart phone users is shopping, with 79 percent using their smart phones to help with shopping, whether it’s to get coupons, check to see if a product is in stock or read reviews.

Think people prefer apps to compare prices or get reviews? Think again; surveys by Adobe and eMarketer have shown that 81 percent of users prefer mobile websites to compare prices, 79 percent prefer mobile websites to get product reviews and 64 percent prefer mobile websites to purchase products.

In statistics reported this year by insightexpress, mobile users are four times more likely to purchase something than regular Internet users.”

Do not assume your ‘regular’ website is good enough for mobile devices. Most upload too slowly, are difficult to navigate and difficult to read.  The handwriting is on the wall. You need a mobile website as soon as possible!

You may have a regular website for your business already, but websites that load well on a PC or Mac do not load well on a smart phone. It takes much longer for a normal website to load on a smart phone, and most consumers expect your website to load just as fast on their phone as it does on their PC.

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