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10 2011

Winning Mobile Website Formulas For The Hotel Industry

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USA Today recently wrote a very interesting article about how to create a winning mobile website if you are a hotel.  Here’s a summary of the article’s content:

Travelers on the go are increasingly turning to their mobile phone to shop for a convenient hotel, book a room at their favorite hotel or check their loyalty points accounts. That’s why Mobile Travel Websites:

Travelers are increasingly depending on their mobile phone to find a hotel, book a room or even check out their loyalty points.

Mobile users have a different mindset and a different set of priorities. They tend to be much more task-oriented and are often either looking for local content or a specific brand.

If you are a hotel, you will need to think about integrating the following into your mobile hotel site:

  • A prominently placed address.  One of the biggest things people look for on their smartphones is a hotel’s address and directions.  Make sure that your address is prominent and you have an easy click-through to Google Maps so they can find you.
  • A Click-To-Call Button.  It’s essential that your customer can reach you with a simple tap of his phone.
  • Simple booking.  Make sure that booking is kept as simple as possible to encourage visitors to book.
  • Design for all types of phones.  Don’t make the mistake of designing for all types of phones. Hotels should design the website for more basic phones. Despite their breathtaking rise, the world is not made up of only iPhones or Androids.
  • SEO.  Make sure your hotel mobile site can be found. Make sure that your sitemap marks mobile pages with the ‘mobile’ tag.  Check Google’s mobile keywords tool to ensure that you are on target for the appropriate keywords.

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