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16 2011

College Students Flunk QR Codes

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QR Codes

College Students Flunk QR Codes

I recently noticed that my Ivy League attending daughter looked at me with confusion when I spoke about QR codes. It is ironic that the mobile marketingin almost everywhere is led by the 18-24 year olds.  They tend to have a higher propensity to buy on their smartphones and they have led the way in text messaging as well as overall mobile usage.  But QR codes leave them cold.

Helen Leggatt tells the whole story:

When Archrival surveyed over 500 students from college campuses across the US they found little enthusiasm for QR Codes.

The little black and white pixilated squares were largely ignored, even though 81% of students had a smartphone and 80% had previously seen a QR Code.

So why the lack of interest? According to Archrival’s results it would appear that while the studious survey respondents were clever enough to get in to college, just 21% managed to scan a QR Code example presented to them.

Difficulties arose because some believed all that was needed was a camera and were not aware that a third-party app was required. Many got bored with the process as it took too long and others didn’t want to download the scanning app.

“These are serious barriers marketers must account for and overcome if they plan on incorporating QR codes into any strategy that targets young consumers,” says Archrival Brand Manager Don Aguirre. “Remember, when it comes to trends, especially those in the tech fields, adoption doesn’t trickle down to college students but rather the other way around. The college campus is what drives our popular culture — always has, always will. Without adoption or buy-in from this segment, a product will continually struggle for relevancy.”

Moral of the story?  Don’t assume that the younger crowd is on the forefront of all things mobile. And if you have a QR Code campaign, you can safely expect only modest results to your college age target.

Have you had any experiences that back this Archrival study up?

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