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21 2011

Have You Gotten Caught In QR Quicksand?

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QR Codes

Have You Gotten Caught In QR Quicksand?

As with any new technology, QR codes has had its share of problems.  What this means is that consumers who have had a bad experience may be reluctant to scan your QR code.

Here are some tips to help alleviate the problems to date with QR codes:

“A direct marketing approach works best with QR codes. When using this approach, act is if you’re marketing to a single person. You should have an ideal target customer that meets a certain profile. The best strategy is to give away quality information. Make sure the webpage is different from the the flyer (or other printed material). Consumers are bombarded everyday with poorly designed QR code advertising campaigns.

You should give a reason for scanning the QR code inside your marketing materials. For example, display a message above or below the QR code image that offers a reason to scan the code. Because of experiencing poor quality campaigns, customers are feeling more reluctant to scan QR codes. Perhaps the previous code he/she scanned linked to a webpage that was exactly the same as the flyer they were looking at. Don’t do this. Your should keep your logo off the linked webpage, move it to the bottom, or keep it really small. With direct marketing, it’s not about you or brand building. Keep the focus on the customer. Offer information that solves a problem they have. Or, offer the promotion that is of a great value.

It’s vital to make sure the webpage in which the code links to is mobile friendly. That is, there is no scrolling left to right and the user doesn’t have to zoom in and out to see the webpage. If your ‘call to action’ is for the customer to call your business, make sure it’s really easy and has a “click to call” feature.

You must be careful when linking video from QR codes. Many smartphones fail to do a good job when playing video. Some phones don’t support some video formats and others take considerable time to load. In addition, the user’s internet connection may be too slow.

I suggest providing text content with an image link to the video if the user wants to see it. Also, go with a smaller resolution such as 800 by 480 pixels. This will keep the file size smaller and the user will have an easier time loading it. The device should be able to adjust the display to properly fit the screen. Therefore, a 800 x 480 will be large enough for Android devices with larger screen sizes while keeping a smaller file size that’s easier to stream.”

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QR code campaign is easy and effective but only if you do it right.  Make sure that you implement  your QR code campaign and also make sure that your target is open to using QR codes. If you do both of these things, you will delight in your QR successes.

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