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16 2011

How to Add Pizzazz To Your QR Codes Campaign

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QR Codes

How to Add Pizzazz To Your QR Codes Campaign

So people are getting used to seeing those funny little ‘black and white’ boxes known as QR codes. They are everywhere. You can find QR codes on billboards, in magazines, books, coffee mugs, clothes and even on food.

But it is unclear if marketers are really using QR codes to their maximum.  And the danger is that consumers might get bored with QR codes if they keep getting led to the same old boring old places.

Here are some tips from Adam Green of how you can spice up your QR code campaign:

Consider new types of engagement

When experimenting with any new marketing tool, it’s easy to just use that tool the same way everyone else uses it.

And why not? A simple bandwagon approach shows that you’re keeping pace with the trends and responding to your competition through similar use of the same strategies.

It sounds fine, but if typical QR code use in your industry involves little more than sending users to the home page of your site or to the company blog, you may want to rethink the bandwagon approach and come up with something more engaging. Find out how other industries are using the codes. Do scans give users access to exclusive content? Are they using video? Signing users up for mailing lists?

Giving people something they can’t get anywhere else encourages them to scan your codes. It also clarifies the value of your offer and distinguishes you from the masses.

Tell your audience what it’s getting.

What better way to demonstrate value than stating it up front?

Instead of just printing a tiny QR code on one of your ads, why not add a short description of what users are going to see upon performing a scan? If it’s something they’re likely to want, you’ll enjoy more conversions.

Try using the QR code as a call to action. For example, after viewing an ad, make it clear that the viewer’s next “step” is to scan the code.

Pick the right moment

Ask yourself when your audience is likely to encounter your QR codes. Keep in mind both time of day as well as setting.

Let’s say someone scans your code in a crowded environment. Is sending him or her to a short sales video really a good idea? After all, when there are lots of people around, it could be difficult to hear what’s going on in the video.

Or what if they’re scanning the code in a quiet place – a waiting room, for instance – and can’t listen to a video without disturbing others around them?

Tailoring your content to the appropriate time and setting is key to effectively engaging your audience.

Consider a brandable solution

If you’re consistently delivering value, consumers will develop a positive association with your brand. But when it comes to QR codes, that familiar smattering of black and white pixels doesn’t exactly encourage brand awareness. Instead, most advertisers’ 2D barcodes look like every other advertiser’s 2D barcodes.”

For the original article on QR codes

For me a QR code is a unique marketing tool because it has a built-in element of mystery and intrigue. It seems a shame to squander that potential by always serving up the ‘same old, same old’. Make sure you really think your QR code campaign through carefully. Don’t try to play it too safe and try to really apply as much imagination as you can. Your consumer will love you for it.

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