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22 2011

How To Create a QR Code Campaign

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QR CodeHere are the steps you should follow in order to maximize the results of your QR Code campaign.
1.    Define your business objective.  Your objective could be to improve conversions, generate more leads, build loyalty or drive more web traffic.
2.    Decide how you will define success. Once you have defined your objective you can then select which metric(s) you will use to measure the success of the campaign.
3.    Choose a QR code generator.  Make sure it includes a platform for tracking and managing scan analytics.  (This is important.  You can’t generate a code with one tool and track it with another one).  Here is a list of some of the QR code management platforms:

  1. Delivr
  2. BeQRious
  3. i-nigma 3GVision
  4. ScanLife
  5. AVMore
  6. Tappinn
  7. QRmirror
  8. SPARQCode
  9. QReate and Track
  10. QRMe

4.    Measure
You will want to measure some of the following:
•    User demographics
•    Period of highest/lowest scans
•    Location of highest/lowest scans
•    Sales performance related to QR code promotion

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