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05 2011

How To Make Your QR Code

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To get you started, here are a few QR Code Generators with slightly different areas of 

specialization depending on your needs:

1. likify – This QR Code Generator will help you generate Facebook likes.

2. BeQRious – This QR Code program helps you create campaigns and track.

3. Good Survey – This QR Code program has been designed for market research in documents.

4. OK QR ME – Here you will get real-time statistics on exactly who is scanning your code and where.

5. Jumpscan – JumpScan combines all your contact and social media information for quick, on-the-go sharing.

6. itsmyurls – Put your complete online presence on one QR code

7. SPARQcode You can share all content and link to your Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Urbanspoon and Foursquare locations.

8. – URL shortener and QR code generator rolled into one.

9. deliver – Delivr generates a QR Code for each mobile-friendly URL.

10. wikkit – Creates Create, Sell, and Scan tickets to any event with QR Codes

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