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01 2011

Making Your QR Code Work For You

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QR codes

What are those funny black and white boxes?

They are mobile barcodes, also known as 2D barcodes or Quick-Response (QR) codes. They are a fun, cool new way to provide an engaging and interactive experience all from a consumer mobile phone.

The consumer takes a picture of the QR code and then is taken to ‘the other side’: a website, entrance to a competition, a video, a landing page or just more information.

Here are a list of some ‘must dos’ when it comes to QR Codes:

1. Plan ahead. Don’t add your QR code as an afterthought. Make sure you integrate your mobile barcode in as a campaign element from the beginning.

2. Always put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. Don’t offer a low-quality scan. Make sure that you offer things that have high value such as coupons, discounts, information or entertainment

3. Make sure that you place your QR barcode where it is easy for customers to scan. For outdoor ads, make that eye or arm level. For print ads, make sure it is on a flat surface and surrounded by enough white space to be easily scanned. For a screen, make sure you display your QR code prominently for at least 15 seconds. Also make sure that the size is appropriate to the screen size (will your consumer see it on TV or a movie theatre?)

4. Print your mobile barcode in black and white to ensure successful scanning.

5. Print your mobile barcode without branding or images either included or overlaid. Every time you add a graphic, it makes the QR code more difficult to scan.

6. Educate your consumer. As a new technology, make sure you inform your consumer about the QR code, how it works and what it offers.

7. Make sure you are careful about where your consumer goes after he scans. Don’t send them to a PC-designed website but to a mobile-friendly one.

8. Test carefully to make sure that our QR code doesn’t have a ‘dead link’ or codes that lead to the wrong URL. Also test your QR code with a variety of mobile devices and applications.

9. Make sure you have clearly defined your objectives for your barcode. 10. Measure your results and track a full set of analytics so that you can increase the ROI of future campaigns as well as engage your customers with great interactions and experiences.

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