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13 2011

QR Codes-Nothing Could Be More Simple

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Smartphones are mobile devices that combine voice capabilities with email and Internet browsing tools.  They also let you scan QR codes.

So what is a QR code?  Developed initially in Japan by a Toyota subsidiary in the 1990s, they are those funny little black and white symbols that are starting to show up everywhere: on billboards, in newspapers and magazines, on mugs, clothes and even cans of coda.

There are multiple uses for a QR code.  Businesses can use them to advertise specials, offer coupons or simply to interact with their customers. For the user, it is a way to get to the destination (website, video, and contest) without having to type.

A QR code on a real estate sign could take a potential buyer to a site or video which will let them know everything about the property without even getting out of the car.

Why do QR codes work so well?

Unlike ordinary bar codes, QR codes can hold thousands of individual characters: a Web Address, contact information, a text message, a video or any information the business wants to supply.  A QR code can be created by anyone with a computer and read by anyone with a smartphone and a free app that can be downloaded in seconds.

The best part about QR codes? They are 100% free and can be created in a few minutes.  Even better, a QR code can be printed on anything all the way from paper to a T-shirt.

Some QR code generators can track usage so the owner of the code can figure out whether the QR code is actually driving traffic to their door.

Here is how you can start right now today:

To Create a QR Code:

1.      Google “QR Code Generator”. Make sure you find a free generator. (Hint: Kaywa and Delivr are good. Delivr will give you analytics).

2.      Follow onscreen instructions

3.      Save or print the resulting code for use as you choose

To Read a QR Code

1.      Download a free QR reader/generator app for smartphone:

a.       iPhone: QR App or ShopSavvy

b.      Blackberry: QR Code Pro

c.       Android: AR Droid or ShopSavvy

2.      Find a QR code to read

3.      Click the Camera icon

4.      Center the code on the screen. Hold still and wait for it to read.

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