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07 2011

QR Tips That Count

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The best way to determine if your QR campaign is going to be successful is, as in all things mobile, to put yourself in the shoes of your consumer. Would you want to pull out your phone for this campaign?  Would you be happy with the result?

Here are six important QR tips:

1.      Test your code. You must always test your code with a variety of smartphones and scanning apps before you release your campaign.

2.      Use a short URL. For example, if you have a small placement (less than one inch) it will normally be too dense to scan if you have encoded a long URL.  All you need to do is shorten your code either by using or  Either one will allow you to generate a short URL QR code.

3.      Keep it simple. The best way to think of the QR code is that it is a physical hyperlink (just like the ‘blue’ links we are all used to clicking on in the web).  You want to be sure that every barcode scanner should be able to access it with an immediate ‘click’.  If your QR code requires the user to do more than point and scan to arrive at the intended content, you are doing things wrong.

4.      Go from mobile to mobile. 99.9% of QR codes are scanned by a mobile device. So it only makes sense to then take them to a mobile page, not a ‘regular’ desktop website page so that the viewer can navigate the information you want them to see easily.

5.      Place your ad where they can be read! Make sure that your QR code ads are placed somewhere where people can get Wi-Fi.  Placing a QR code in a place where there is no Internet access has the word Failure written all over it.  Make sure exactly where your ads will be placed. Run tests to ensure their visibility and that they function.

6.      Make sure that whatever you have on the ‘other side’ of the QR code actually adds value!  This is an obvious point but nevertheless important.  Try to avoid the exact same message that you are putting somewhere else, an irrelevant message or something that just isn’t that interesting (i.e. the address of your company).

a.       Exclusive or time-sensitive messages

b.      Rich media, video or photos

c.       Free downloads

d.      “Instant Win” contests

e.       Special offers, coupons or gifts

f.       “Secret’ Information

g.      Social media integration (with potential to go viral

h.       integration with social media to activate viral loops

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