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30 2011

The 2D Code Success Story

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The 2D Code Success Story

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According to Scanbuy’s ScanLife, mobile barcode is on the rise in a big way.

In a recent report by Scanbuy, it shows that mobile barcodes have increased to one scan per second as compared to ten scans per minute in 2010.  Traffic has grown 600% since 2010.

Even more interesting is the fact that 2D barcode scanning is now outpacing the growth of 1D barcodes which is a major shift.

Where do the scans come from?  They come from over 125 different countries.  Also retail and wireless industries generated some of the most scanned 2D barcode campaigns.

Android OS continues to be the platform that generates the most scans.  However iOS is increasing (7% quarter to quarter) while Android dropped 4% and Blackberry 3%.

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