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11 2011

The Power Of The QR Code

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QR codes are a great way to take your prospective consumer to something like a website. But QR codes can do much more.

Here are some of the things QR codes can do:

  • Tell the phone to dial a phone number so the user can talk with a salesperson
  • Send a text message to a server that gives the user an electronic coupon
  • Create a post on the user’s social networking site that says he/she is at a particular store

QR codes also let businesses collect information about who scanned the code. So if you use a free online code generator, a person can create a unique code for print ads, another one for billboards and another one for digital signage.  By tracking each code, the business can determine which medium is working the best.

If you work with a third-party QR code specialist you can collect other information like where the buyer was, what time of day it was, what device they used, what operator network they were on and which operating version they were using.

The best thing to do is to drive your visitor to some kind of online action like a coupon, a link to a discounted ticket or a click-to-call.  A link to a website with no kind of action wastes the potential power of the QR code.

If you create your QR code yourself, you can do it for free. If you work with a third party, prices start around $250 for a single code and basic user analytics.  A larger retailer that wants thousands of codes and detailed analytics, the cost can run as high as $50,000/month.

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