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26 2011

The QR Code Meets Fashion

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QR codes and clothesOk. Just came across this article which is a must-share.

Here is a unique way to ‘show’ your QR code.  Why not contact Qwerk Apparel in Anaheim?  They will create a T-shirt with your very own unique QR code and message.

A QR (or Quick Response) code is a two-dimensional barcode.  It can share a lot more information than the traditional barcode and without the use of a computer database.  All you need is a smartphone and a QR reader app (which can be downloaded for free).

While there are other companies creating QR code-related apparel normally you have to choose from a pre-set selection of codes. Qwerk distinguishes itself by allowing its clients to create their very own unique message. The QR code is then applied to a T-shirt with an oversized inkjet printer.

You can put their Facebook account, Twitter account, a special quote or pretty much anything on it.

The T-shirts are available in 10 colors for men, 9 for women.

Plans for the future?  People can buy their unique QR code and then go in every month and simply change what the code means.

According to the company’s president, Tracy Warman, “The QR code invites people to take action-scan the shirt- and engage. It’s a perfect concept for teenagers and young adults because they love technology and flirting”

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