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23 2011

12 Tips for Writing Effective SMS Marketing Message

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SMS marketing

12 Tips for Writing Effective SMS Marketing Message

One of the problems with SMS marketing is that companies just do not know where to begin.  Obviously an SMS marketingcampaign will never work if the messages you write are mediocre.

Here are 12 tips for making sure your SMS Marketing Messages are at the top of their game:

“1. NO Text-Speak: Texting-speech is a strict NO in SMS marketing because it projects an unprofessional image of your business. You dare not infuriate your readers because of some silly confusing text messaging lingo.

2. Be Mindful of Abbrs.: Make sure to include in your copy writing only very, very common or simply only dictionary abbreviations in your SMS marketing messages. Insider terms or newly-found abbreviation are best avoided totally.

3. The what’s-in-it-for-me factor: Customers are more bothered how they are benefited than learning the full details about your product or service. To come with the most compelling SMS message in 160 characters, stick to below approach of writing in the order of describing the:

[Feature of product]-> [Its benefit to the customer]-> [Ideal Outcome for Customer]

4. The KISS factor: Keep It Sweet and Simple. You must have heard of this before. So let’s repeat it. Take one marketing message at a time. Don’t cram in too many points. Avoid the temptation to crowbar in loads of offers in 160 characters. When you want your message to be understood in the very first glance, describe briefly what you have to offer, followed by the “which means that” content and finish it off with the call to action. You have just crafted yourself a direct, simple, effective and positive message.

5. Keep it Complete: Needless to say, your SMS writing needs to make sure to include everything you want, as well as full instructions on what you want the recipient to do. If they have to call give the phone number. If they need to keep and show the text, tell them so. Remember, short text can be complete too. Explain in one short sentence your reason for texting right now: Time is running out to pass the anti-corruption bill! Vote Now. (This is 53 characters)

6.Find Great Reasons for Texting: A new product launch, an event, an urgent action, a sales success, a limited time discount, social causes – all make for great reasons to send SMS marketing message.

7. Personalize message: Including the names of the customer in the message is a good practice as it makes them feel familiar. On a similar note, make sure you have the right sender name set on your messages so your recipients know who is ending the message.

8. A strong CTA: The call to action is the crux of SMS message. Don’t just quote your phone number but ask the customer to dial it. The action should be very well-defined. Make a call now to your Senate at 444-555-5555 to pass bill #555. Call now and thanks! (This is 87 characters) Powerful, magic CTAs include:

  • Act Fast
  • Best Ever
  • Bestseller
  • Don’t Miss Out
  • Incredible Offer
  • Last Chance
  • Limited Time Offer
  • Lowest Price
  • Longtime Favorite
  • Opportunity Knocks
  • Sign Up Now
  • You Can’t Go Wrong
  • You Don’t Want To Miss Out

9. Use an Attention Grabbing Headline: Messages can start with a compelling headline that catch the attention of the reader at once and arouse curiosity. It could be a single or couple of words, often in capitals. E.g.: The word “news”

10. Seasonal Messages: The holiday season is mostly the time marketers send out a lot of messages. Because during the holidays like Thanksgiving, Diwali and Christmas people are generally in festive moods and are willing to shop and spend money.

11. Respond Immediately: Each incoming SMS inquiry is latent business opportunity. A quick response to your customers’ questions or feedback can go a long way. It might pay off for all the pains of crafting that eye-catching undeniable SMS message.

12. Technical considerations: Occasionally, while writing SMS message there may be restrictions on the use of special characters that the networks and systems support. For instance, while sending Unicode characters, most providers will limit the characters to 69.”

Finally just make absolutely sure that, as with any campaign, you test, test, test.  You will figure out what works best.  Then tweak the campaign and test again.  This way you will make sure you optimize your mobile marketing dollar and get the very best ROI.

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