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08 2011

A New Mobile Social Networking Platform From South Africa

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There is a mobile social networking platform called Motribe which hales from South Africa that is quite intriguing.

Motribe was launched in August 2010. Since then, it has amassed more than 1.5 million users. Motribe’s user base is not South African only and in fact their biggest participants in terms of numbers come from India, the USA, Nigeria and the UK. They are also growing fast in the Philippines, Ghana and Kenya.

The platform works a bit like Ning for mobile, empowering brands to set up mobile web communities. The platform can be used by anyone who has a web browser on their mobile phone/ Guinness uses the platform to organize their Nigerian fans around English Premier League football. The US Embassy uses it to talk to people in Southern Africa about their projects. Unilever uses it to launch and promote Rexona in Kenya
Motribe has been well-received in large part because of the high-quality of the user experience on a mobile phone. Also, they manage their own communities so fully understand what is necessary to successfully manage thousands of users at a time across multiple languages, time zones, social status and gender. Motribe is also not smartphone only but continues to cater to the large feature phone market as well.

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