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25 2011

Checking In With Foursquare

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Foursquare is a location-based social networking site. Foursquare check-in

When users engage in Foursquare, they can use their GPS-enabled mobile phones to ‘check-in’ to their favorite venues and then awards them points and badges for visiting. A user can update his location ‘on-the-go’ and also connect to other social networks (Twitter, Facebook) in order to share their location with friends outside Foursquare.

Foursquare recently updated their site to include custom brand and user pages. The update not only encourags interactions between Foursquare users it also provides an added incentive for brands to join Foursquare. To create a page, users need to upload a photo to their account and post a minimum of five tips. There is also a simiplified start-up for brands who can now join with their Twitter accounts.

Before this update was made, users could not have access to information left by people outside their network of approved friends. With the update users can follow other pages and ‘check-in’ to locations, leave tips and ratings without having to be physically at the venue. When a user ‘follows’ another user, fans will have access to the tips the user has left for locations all over the world.

Brands will have the option to create a customized page which can include a brand image and a custom URL. The social site previously operated on closed networks where users did not have access to information left by anyone outside their network of approved friends. This shift would allow users to follow other pages and ‘check-in’ to locations to leave tips and ratings without physically being at the venue.

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