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20 2011

Is Text Messaging For You?

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text messagingText messaging (or technically called SMS) is when you send a text message to and from a mobile phone.

According to a Pew report (dated July 2010), 72% of mobile phone users send or receive text message. That means that over 170 million Americans text. The numbers even get higher outside the US where there are an estimated 2.4 billion mobile users texting.

Smartphones make the text messaging concept even more robust.

A smartphone is capable of voice, SMS and Internet-based communications.  So that means you can send an SMS message to your interested consumers complete with a link that those consumers can act on. So you could, for example, promote a discount on your site using a URL. The customer clicks on the URL which takes them to your mobile shopping site and cart!

This basically means that for you—no matter your size or your business—texting is a major (but underutilized!) marketing channel.

Text messaging follows the same model as email.

Your customer will ‘opt-in’ in order to receive discounts or other communications.  A customer can opt-out with a simple click at any time.
Your customer (or SMS is the technical protocol for sending a text message to and from a mobile handset or similar communications device. Anyone familiar with texting is familiar with SMS.
You can build your list in the same way you build an email list. Give your prospects a free offer and motivate them to join with discounts, coupons, special offers and rewards.  So if you have someone buying on your ‘regular’ site, you can offer them a coupon code for joining your mobile list.  The customer will enter their mobile phone number and the coupon code will then be sent to their phone via text message.
You can use your text messaging campaign not only for coupons or discounts but also for things like surveys, polls, contests and reminders.

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