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29 2011

Start A Successful SMS Marketing Campaign Today

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SMS messagingWant to build better, more loyal relationships with new and existing customers?  Want to maximize your exposure at minimal costs, placing your messages directly one-on-one in the hands of your customer?

Don’t look farther than SMS marketing.

Here is how to begin:

  • Get a short code. A short code will be supplied by an SMS messaging provider. A dedicated short code will give you the option of running multiple campaigns, each with a different keyword on the same short code.  A Shared short code you are limited to one specific keyword
  • Decide on your strategy You will need to determine whether or not you will run a ‘push’ or ‘pull’ campaign

o   A ‘push’ campaign is an outbound message about new products and services to existing clients who have ‘opted in’ to receive your SMS messages

o   A ‘pull’ campaign is an incoming message where customers respond by sending an SMS to a short code.

  • Select which type of campaign you want to run

o   Call back campaigns are when a business advertises a short code and a keyword. The interested customer sends the keyword to the short code and then receives an auto-reply SMS telling them that they can expect to receive a call.

o   Promotional competitions.  A company sends out an SMS informing its customers about a competition.  A pull campaign will advertise a promotional competition using a short code and keyword.  Consumers enter the competition by sending an SMS and receiving an auto-response SMS which confirms they have entered.

o   Conversational SMS marketing.  This is an interactive way of providing free information (tips, tricks and insights) which gives value to customers.

You can probably handle an SMS marketing campaign on your own.  There are many SMS providers which offer self-service messaging services where you can do the following:

  • Quickly and easily set up a campaign
  • Set up an auto-response message
  • Manage customer contact details
  • Send and receive promotional messages
  • Provide reports on campaigns

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