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09 2011

Text Messaging.. A Very Good Place To Start

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Text messagingText messaging is an incredibly valuable medium for businesses and consumers alike.  Increased growth is predicted for 2011.

In 2010, according to International Telecommunications Union, there were 6.1 trillion texts sent. This kind of phenomenal growth is the stuff of dreams.  Text messaging is simple, everywhere and user-friendly.

Juniper Research predicted that 500 million people globally will use mobile phones as travel tickets on transport by 2015.   Banks too have woken to the possibilities of mobile.

However retailers have been slower.

While apps are useful and provide a rich media experience, text messaging should not be overlooked.  Text messaging can complement the use of apps or maybe even replace it.  Retailers should look at how text messaging and apps can provide separate value add services but also how they can be combined together to add more power.

A text message has been shown to be a very effective payments tool when used as a ‘trigger’ for a mobile payment via a prepaid account or an account transfer. Customers can instantly authorize a payment with a few simple keystrokes on the phone, whenever and wherever they receive the text message.

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