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08 2011

Text Messaging Just Got Easier

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text messaging

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If you are a small business or nonprofit, doing text/email  messaging just got easier with Constant Contact’s Text-to-Join.

Text-to-Joni allows customers to sign up for subscriber lists right on their mobile phones. This means you can capture that information at the moment your customers (or donors) are the most engaged.  It makes it super simple to capture a contact in real-time and even reward them right away with a coupon or free gift.

Text-to-Join is very easy to use. The business or non-profit organization just selects a keyword and then they are assigned a ‘short code’ which will then be associated with that keyword.  (A short code is simply a short phone number that prospects can send text messages to from their phones).

Another feature that Constant Contact is making available is a video creation wizard.  While it is still in beta, you can try it out at  Mobile video is now catching on and it is a great way to create a connection with your subscribers.  Video is known to increase conversion rates by as much as 50%.  You can use it to send a greeting, announce an event or demonstrate a product.

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