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28 2011

What Is A Short Code And How Do They Work?

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A short code is a special telephone number that is used in the wireless industry for various services like television program voting, charity donations, mobile services and ordering ringtones, themes or music.

A ‘normal’ short code is normally 5 or 6 numbers long.  They are easier to remember than a ‘normal’ number

What normally happens is you might see a short code advertised either online or on TV.  You are usually given instruction to text a certain word or phrase to the given short code.  You will be sent back an administration message which will explain the price, frequency of messaging you can expect and a web site address for more information.  Often, you will be asked to reply to this message in order to finalize the subscription service.

A mobile subscription code can be cancelled anytime by texting the word STOP to the original short code.

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