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19 2011

Why SMS is So Strong

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According to ABI Research, 5 TRILLION SMS messages will be sent in 2011.  According to Singlepoint, of the 5 billion mobile users in 2010, 60% use text messaging and 90% of all messages are written and sent within 3 minutes. The best news of all? 99% of all text messages are actually read.

In sum, SMS is a huge opportunity.  It delivers what every marketer on earth wants- a direct one-on-one conversation with their customer.

And it’s so easy!  If you have a mobile phone, you have the ability to text.  And it’s immediate.  A marketer can start with sending a text and then optimize their text messages by including a link to video, audio or a phone call so that users take an action.  You can even send a link to an entire mobile site which is packed with graphics, images and forms from an SMS.

The text message with a link is a great way to begin your mobile marketing program. It is cheaper and faster than building an app or a site and the success of your SMS can be measured immediately.

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