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01 2011

Why Text Messaging Is The Future of Small Businesses

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Small business owners can benefit greatly from adding mobile to their mix.  Mobile marketing –and in particular text messaging—will allow you to deliver exclusive offers, coupons and invitations to your customers in seconds.  Nearly any message you send will enjoy a near 100% open rate and text coupons enjoy an amazing 10-30% redemption rate.

To begin, you will want to create a mobile site (in addition to your already existing PC site).  After you have done that you will want to start a test message marketing campaign. Text messaging works on every phone.  Text messaging is direct, personal and cost-effective and a great way to communicate as well as increase sales.

You can start text messaging for as low as $10/month, a price point any small business owner can afford.

However there is a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to text message. Since the mobile phone is such a ‘personal’ space, people are hyper sensitive about the messages they find acceptable. If you send boring messages that provide no value, you will do serious damage to your brand. Make sure everything you send out is timely, relevant and value-driven.

So, you could send out a message saying that Happy Hour begins at 4 pm. (Boring). Or you could invite them to a special event at 4 with a known author or a wine-tasting expert. (Not boring).  Make your customer feel special.

Text messaging will ultimately be the backbone of any small business marketing plan. Why not start now when it is still a fresh concept and get an edge on your competitors?

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